Do Rottweillers Shed? Explained in Detail

Shedding fur is a normal process among mammals. If you are wondering “do Rottweilers shed?” then the answer is yes. Rottweiler is a domestic breed which is known as Rottweiler Metzgerhund in Germany.

They were used as a way to herd cattle. It is their natural hairs growth cycle and almost all of them do shed their fur and note that there are no nonshedding varieties. However, some varieties shed more, less, or moderate depending upon the type of breed. Some dogs also have excessive shedding.

Rottweiler is also one of those varieties that shed their fur. Just because they don’t own heavy fur, one may think that they may not shed. They shed their black hair throughout the year moderately, especially during spring and winter when there is extra shedding.

Spring is among their heavy shedding periods. Rotweillers sheds their hair to maintain a healthy coat just like other breeds of dogs such as Golden Retrievers.

Do Rottweilers Shed

How Much Do Rottweilers Shed?

How Much Do Rottweilers Shed

Rottweiler has a double layer of fur. The outer black coat is medium in length and covers the head ear and legs. The undercoat covers the neck and thighs. The length of the undercoat is determined by the climate in which your pet is residing.

You need to brush your puppy on daily basis for coat health with a brush having firm bristles in order to remove the dead hairs, distribute the skin oil throughout. Rottweilers shed excessively twice a year. Rottweilers come under moderately shedding varieties, but hair fall will increase in spring. They want to get rid of their thick coat in this way.

If you notice your Rottweiler shedding a bit too much, then you need to take it to a vet for abnormal shedding.

They don’t have heavy coat types of fur, but they shed for the sake of the seasonal hair cycle. Again there is shedding in the fall in order to remove the old coat and replace it with a new one. Overall extreme shedding is twice a year but spring shedding is extreme. They have a thicker winter coat.

Do Rottweilers Shed Seasonally?

Do Rottweilers Shed Seasonally

Rottweilers are the moderate shedding breed. The double coat of the Rottweiler provides the double opportunity for shedding. In general, they shed throughout the year but the extreme shedding happens twice a year, especially in spring.

They shed for many reasons such as to get rid of old undercoat or replace it with a new one. They also prepare themselves for the seasonal changes in this way.

When you will brush your pet on daily basis some of the sheddings will be observed but it is considered as the normal seasonal shedding. These are the dead hairs, when you brush them they come out. Make sure your pet doesn’t have a poor diet as they will not be able to grow a healthy coat after they shed. 

What Can I Do To Reduce Rottweiler shedding?

We love the shedding of our pet and feel amazing about it. But sometimes extreme shedding becomes a source of discomfort for us. You set on a comfy sofa for watching a movie and found yourself covered with hair. Or maybe you had cleaned your floor but then again there is a mess of fur.

However, you can avoid this shedding with some measures. You need to keep your pet clean, have regular bathing, brushing, and most importantly keep a keen focus on a healthy diet. You should protect it from overstressing in daily life because it can also be a source of extreme shedding. The hairy coat is highly affected by the diet you are feeding with.

The deficiency of nutrients in the diet can cause dry skin, brittle hairs, or even more shedding. However, the feeding of your Rottweiler also depends upon his age. If you want to be conscious about it then you should check food reviews.

Protein deficiency may be one of the causes. Feed your Rottweiler with a high protein diet and plenty of micronutrients. Omega 6 fatty acid will provide a healthy upper and undercoat to prevent shedding.

Mostly they are getting enough fatty acids from their diet but if you observe shedding then you can add fish oil supplements to their diet. It will bring shine and luster to the coat too. On the other hand, dehydration is one of the main causes of shedding.

When your pet is not enough hydrated, the skin will become dry and it triggers extreme hair loss in the form of shedding.

Some pets also have separation anxiety that can also be a source of more shedding in them. Now when you have tried all methods to reduce shedding and it is still happening as a natural phenomenon, then simply buy a vacuum that comes with attached furniture. It will become easy for you to clean after a mess.

Timely Groom Your Rottweiler

This breed needs daily bathing and grooming, and if you keep your Rottweiler dirty, it will ultimately trouble both you and your pet. You can give them a bath every eight to twelve weeks, depending upon their lifestyle or climate.

Regular bathing minimizes the shedding and keeps skin healthy. However, one must keep in mind that frequent bathing can even lead to shedding. It will wipe away the essential oils from the skin, and it can be dry for stimulating shedding.

So there should be a balancing act of bathing. It is recommended to wash your Rottweiler once a month but again, it depends upon the activity or how frequently he remains outdoor. You can increase it to twice a month if it seems safer to do.  If you are still confused about “do Rottweilers shed”, then the simple answer is yes.

You should avoid using human shampoo for washing the Rottweiler because the PH balance of your pet is totally different from humans. Washing with human shampoo will destroy the mantle layer of the skin, causing skin dryness ultimately in your Rottweiler.

Always use formulated shampoos for this purpose. If you want to bathe your Rottweiler frequently just because it remains outside for most of the time then use quality shampoo. Otherwise, frequent bathing will cause dehydration and ultimately cause further shedding.

Take Your Rottweiler For Daily Walks

Take Your Rottweiler For Daily Walks

Keep your pet engaged in fun activities in order to make their life stress-free. Most of the animals feel separation anxiety. Feed it with a healthy diet and then take it on a daily walk of at least half an hour. If you still see abnormals shedding, you should take your pet to a vet.

Why Do Rottweilers Shed So Much?

Why Do Rottweilers Shed So Much

The major reason for the rottweiler shedding is that their coat is prone to shedding. In the past, Rottweilers did not spend much of the time on the couch as present-day pets do. So shedding was never a problem for past pet owners. Also note that big rottweilers dogs shed more as compared to normal sized rottweilers.

Most of the people get surprised when they learn about his double coat. Our double coat definition is the dense coat-like husky. Rottweiler belongs to the extremely cold region of Germany. They adjust their coat according to the climate.

If there is cold outside then it retains this dense coating of stray hairs but if it is hot outside then it needs to shed the excess hair. Rotweiller sheds its fur during spring and in the fall. During spring, it wants to get rid of heat, and in fall, it replaces its old coat with the new one.

Shedding a double layer causes more shedding. You will also notice that most of the time, its coat is shiny. This shine is also retained via regular shedding. Rotweiller sheds its old, dull hair daily and replaces it with new lush black hairs.

You will observe it when you will comb its hair. Some animals face anxiety at particular points and then shed more. Some of them feel anxiety while being among other pets where they are confused or unable to express themselves completely.

The rottweilers can also feel anxiety when they are being groomed. So if you observe excessive shedding at particular movements then it is likely to occur due to anxiety. Allergy can also be a cause of the shedding.

It might be that due to your feeding material, your pet becomes allergic to this stuff and then starts scratching his skin. This excessive scratching or Skin irritation will cause more shedding. If you notice clumps of hair fall, dandruff, or peeled off skin in shedding then it is happening because of the allergy. It may be basically due to bad dietary formula.

Frequent bathing can also be one of the causes. Bathing will wipe the essential oils present in healthy skin and cause dehydration of the skin to promote more shedding of dry hair. An imbalance of the hormone also promotes shedding.

You had noticed that some of the females shed more during or after pregnancy. They shed during their heat cycle or a male dog starts shedding when they catch the scent of a female in heat. If the upper coat feels patchy then maybe there is an attack of bacteria, virus, or any other pathogen causing fur shedding.

Rottweilers are prone to bowel disease more than any other pet. If there is a reduction in the coat size and extensive shedding then your pet has developed bowel disease. They may also shed for replacing a dull coat with brittle hair to enhance the hair growth cycle. Lighter summer coats are meant for maintaining body temperature.

Natural Shedding

Shedding is quite a natural phenomenon in mammals. Do Rottweilers shed? Yes, they do. They shed their fur in order to adjust their body temperature with the surrounding. If there is extreme cold in the outside environment then they will develop a thick coat for protection. Let’s take bears, for example, they live in cold regions.

This is because it has a tough thick coat of hairs on it that keeps its body temperature high. But when the temperature changes, they have to shed their hair for getting rid of extreme heat.

Different mammals have different routines for shedding. Some of them are heavy shedders, some moderate or even less. There is no variety like non-shedding.

Little or less, you will observe shedding. Take the example of the rottweiler who shed twice a year and shedding increases during spring and fall. When you comb its hair on daily basis then shedding will be observable.

However, if shedding is extreme and you are tired of clearing this mess on daily basis then it may be a thing of trouble for you as well as for your pet. Your pet may be suffering from a disease or having a sort of stress/ anxiety. You need to take care of its diet and seek doctors if it is not controlling despite taking all the measures. Keep its coat healthy!

Take Your Rottweiler to a Vet

It depends upon the type of pet or breed. Mostly it is recommended to have a checkup once a year. The doctor will check your pet from head to toe. He will also blood sample in other to check for heartworms. If your pet is not eating for more than two days then you should seek a doctor for medical conditions. It might be a digestive problem.

What is a Rottweiler?

Rottweiler is a domestic breed which is known as Rottweiler Metzgerhund in Germany. They were originally used as a way to organize and herd cattle and pull small carts. They have a double coat with lush black hairs. He sheds those hairs frequently in other to replace old hairs with new shiny hairs.

FAQs – Do Rottweilers Shed?

There are a lot of questions associated with “do Rottweilers shed” so we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions.

Do Rottweilers Shed a Lot?

Yes like other mammals he also sheds but there is excess shedding during spring and falls. During spring there is extreme shedding in order to lose hairs the thick coat in hot weather and maintain body temperature in accordance with the surrounding.

Do All Dogs Shed?

Shedding is a very natural process among all dogs. However, the mass of shedding depends upon the type of breed you are having. Some of them shed a lot, Some are moderate shedders and others do less.

Are Rottweilers Aggressive?

A study shows that the rottweilers tend to have less Regression phase towards their owners and other dogs as compared to other animals. They tend to be more aggressive towards strangers.

What is a Dog Coat?

Most dogs have a double coat in their Growth Phase. The hair growth of the upper coat is meant for protection from dirt or insects. The inner coat is meant for insulation. So basically it is playing the part of a guard coat and then reduces this coat on getting stimulus of heat from the surrounding. 

Conclusion – Do Rottweilers Shed

Do Rottweilers shed? Yes, they do, as all mammals naturally do. We had a detailed account of the adult Rottweilers which is a dog residing in the colder regions of Germany. We discussed the frequent shedding in Rottweilers which is a quite normal process to remove dead hair but this normal process becomes abnormal when there is abnormal shedding. The summer coat is less dense as compared to winter.

There are major factors for extreme shedding of pet hair such as stress, poor diet, climate, pest attack, dehydration, etc. You need to take necessary measures in order to prevent heavier shedding and if it is not improving, then you must visit a doctor for the sake of the health of your puppy.

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