What Are Costco Gas Hours? (Fully Explained)

Getting Gas at Costco saves you a lot of money in the long run, and you might be wondering what Costco gas hours are.

Costco, like other major corporations, offers gas pump services to its customers. The difference, however, is that Costco offers a discount on its Gas compared to other gas stations.

Costco is a wholesale corporation situated in the United States, and it has over 804 branches spread throughout the world.

We will be discussing Costco gas hours, what time Costco gas stations close and whether they are open on holidays or not.

Costco Gas Hours

Costco Gas Hours

Costco gas hours range from 6-7 am and 7-9 pm. You may have noticed that the exact hours of Costco gas is not stated. This is because Costco runs so many gas stations, and each one has different opening and closing times.

Normally, Costco starts serving Gas at 6 am or 7 am, and they close at 7 pm or 9 pm on weekdays. On weekends, Costco serves Gas from 7 am and 6 pm – 8 pm.

A local Costco pump in my area also starts serving Gas at 5 am, but these are the exception.

So, whenever you need Gas from Costco, keep in mind that the best time is to buy at the earliest hours, around 7 am or 8 am.

One thing to keep in mind is that even if the Costco Warehouse is closed, you can still get Gas from the Costco pump station as their operating hours differ.

You can always contact Costco business center for more information if you are confused about anything, or you can leave comments, and we’ll try to answer you to the best of our ability. Keep reading if you want to learn more about Costco gas and its schedule.

What Are Costco Gas Hours On Weekends?

What Are Costco Gas Hours On Weekends

On weekends, Costco does not stop serving Gas. However, it reduces the operating time. You can get Gas from Costco between 7 am and 6 pm – 8 pm. On normal days, Costco gas station is open for around 12-13 hours, while on weekends, it is open for 10-11 hours.

What Are Costco Gas Hours On Public Holidays?

What Are Costco Gas Hours On Public Holidays

Unfortunately, Costco doesn’t give Gas on public holidays as it follows a standard holiday schedule.

What this means is that Costco Gas closes its doors on public holidays such as Christmas Eve, Independence Day, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Easter.

You can still get Gas from Costco on other normal days and even weekends.

How To Find A Local Costco Gas Station?

Your first instinct to find the nearest Costco Gas Station is to use maps but know that there is an even better option. You can use Costco Gas Locator and find the nearest Costco store.

The process is very simple, go to Costco Locator and enter your state, city, and postcode.

Costco will show you a number of stores in return, and you can select the one that is nearest to your location. Costco will also show you the gas hours for a specific store on its website.

There is also an app by Costco called Costco Connection. This app can help you find the nearest Costco gas pump without having to look it up on the internet.

You can use either of the above options, but keep in mind the gas hours of the store that you are visiting and whether they fit your schedule.

What Is The Best Time To Buy Gas At Costco?

For those of us who have very busy schedules, it can be a bit daunting to head to your Costco gas station only to find it filled with people waiting to fill their Gas.

Costco offers every product at a discounted price, so Gas is no exception. This is why you’ll usually see a lot of people at Costco gas station.

If you go to Costco in the early hours, around 8 am, you are sure to run into a crowd of everyday commuters. This is because many people leave for work at this time, and they usually want to fill their tanks.

We suggest you go to Costco around noon or after 5-6 pm. This time Costco doesn’t have that many customers, and you can easily get your Gas without having to wait in lines.

What Payment Methods Does Costco Gas Accept?

Costco accepts many forms of payment. You can pay at Costco Gas using either your credit or debit card. Costco accepts most of the major bank cards out there. You can use your card right at the pump, pay and get your tank filled.

Do note that Costco only accepts credit cards of Visa. Costco gas does not accept credit cards by Mastercard, EBT, and Amex.

You can also use digital payment methods, also called contactless payment methods, at Costco Gas station. Costco Gas accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay.

If you are wondering whether Costco gas accepts cash payments, then the answer is, unfortunately, no. There are no attendants at Costco Gas as it is a self-service gas station, and you cannot pay cash to the fuel pump machine. Only credit/debit and contactless payment methods are accepted.

Why Is Costco Gas Cheaper?

Why Is Costco Gas Cheaper

Costco is a wholesale retailer that sells goods at a lower price. Costco Gas is no exception, and it also sells fuel cheaper as compared to the market price of Gas.

This is because all products of Costco require you to be a member of Costco. Non-members cannot buy at Costco, and they can also not buy Costco Gas.

Costco is able to offer lower prices than the market because it follows a membership model. This means that in order to shop at Costco, you need to become a member first.

FAQs – Costco Gas Hours

There are many questions associated with Costco gas station hours and some other general queries. Therefore, We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions below.

Is Costco Gas Of Low Quality?

You might have wondered about the quality of Costco gas since their gas prices are cheaper than the market price.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the Gas sold at Costco is of high quality, and it is a registered wholesale retail corporation in the US, so there isn’t a question about their quality.

Costco gas resources are of high quality, and they get their fuel from verified companies. You can rest easy knowing that the quality of Costco gas is top-notch.

Do You Need A Costco Membership To Be Able To Buy Costco Gas?

Yes, You do need a Costco membership in order to shop for Gas and other products at Costco. Costco runs a membership-based store.

What this means is that you cannot simply go to any Costco store and shop whatever you want. You first need to become a member of Costco, and then you shop at Costco.

However, you can use a Costco cash card to buy Gas at Costco but keep in mind that in order to buy a Costco cash card, you need to be a member.

You can always ask a friend who holds the Costco membership to buy you some Costco cash cards, and you can shop at Costco without even buying their membership.

Does Costco Gas Open On Holidays?

No, Costco Gas is closed on holidays. Costco gas hours on normal days are between 6-7 am and 7-9 pm. Costco gas does open its doors on weekends, but they reduce the hours of operation.

On weekends, Costco works for limited hours between 7 am and 6-8 pm. Costco is closed on major holidays such as Christmas Day, New Years Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

Conclusion – Costco Gas Hours

Costco gas hours normally range from 6-7 am and 7-9 pm. Costco reduces the normal hours they operate on weekends by a few hours and are open from 7 am and 6 pm-8 pm.

Costco remains closed and does not serve Gas on public holidays. You can use a number of different payment methods at Costco.

Costco Gas accepts American Express and other major banks out there. Keep in mind that Costco gas doesn’t accept cash payments. Costco also accepts contactless payment methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and other similar methods.

Costco gas prices may seem too good to be true, but this is all because of the Costco membership model.

Costco earns the trust of people by offering them goods and Gas at a lower price as compared to market price. This is why Costco gas prices are much lower if compared with the price of the market.

The best time to buy Gas at Costco is usually at off-peak hours at around noon or 10 am. This is the time when Costco gas station is usually empty and serves very limited customers.

If you go to Costco Gas early in the morning, you are sure to run into daily commuters who fill their tanks before going to work. Therefore, we suggest you try to visit Costco during your office breaks or when you get off work when the closing hours of Costco match your schedule.

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