501 Area Code – Time Zone, Location, Who’s Calling, Scam?

Did you know that the 501 area code covers all of Arkansas? That makes it possible to call any location in Arkansas with just two numbers! The 501 area code also covers Tennessee, Missouri, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

If you live in Arkansas state and see the number 501 area code appear on your caller ID, the chances are that someone in or near Arkansas is calling you! Learn more about what this area code covers below, including time zone and other relevant details. You’ll also learn how to figure out if an incoming phone call from the 501 area code is a scam or not! Enjoy!

Area Code 501

501 Area Code

Area code 501 is one of the 86th original area codes. North American Numbering Plan made area code 501 and assigned it to central Arkansas in 1947. Area code 501 covers central Arkansas and covers Little Rock and its suburbs.

Area code 501 was enough because of the low population in Arkansas. Later, in 1995, the North American Numbering Plan made another area code 870 for the north-central, northeast, east, and south Arkansas. The northwest part of Arkansas split off, due to which AT&T created area code 479.

 History Of 501 Area Code

 Area Code 501 was created by AT&T and Bell System in 1947. It is operational in Arkansas, United States. The 501 area code follows the central timezone, also known as America/Chicago timezone. North American Numbering Plan updated the 501 area code with area code 870 and 479 in 1997.

 Area Codes Nearby 501 Area Code

 Different area codes surround Arkansas. The names of nearby area codes are:

  • Area Code 479 Fort Smith, AR
  • Area Code 870 Jonesboro, AR
  • Area Code 501 Little Rock, AR

501 Area Code Used In Counties

501 Area Code Used In Counties

We know that the 501 area code is operational in Arkansas. This section will share the names of the top 17 counties where area code 501 is working. The terms of counties are:

  • Faulkner, AR
  • Pulaski, AR
  • Garland, AR
  • Saline, AR
  • Lonoke, AR
  • White, AR
  • Cleburne, AR
  • Hot Spring, AR
  • White, AR
  • Van Buren, AR
  • Conway, AR
  • Perry, AR
  • Jefferson, AR
  • Perry, AR
  • Independence, AR
  • Prairie, AR
  • Grant, AR
  • Jackson, AR
  • Searcy, AR

We want to tell you that Little Rock City is in Pulaski county.

501 Area Code Used In Cities

501 Area Code Used In Cities

Area code 501 is working in Arkansas. We will share the names of the top 50 cities where you can call through area code 501. The names of cities are:

  • North Little Rock, AR
  • Little Rock, AR
  • Hot Springs, AR
  • Conway, AR
  • Benton, AR
  • Sherwood, AR
  • Cabot, AR
  • Jacksonville, AR
  • Maumelle, AR
  • Searcy, AR
  • Hot Springs Village, AR
  • Bryant, AR
  • Beebe, AR
  • Malvern, AR
  • East End, AR
  • Morrilton, AR
  • Herber Springs, AR
  • Piney, AR
  • Greenbrier, AR
  • Ward, AR
  • Lonoke, AR
  • Vilonia, AR
  • Haskell, AR
  • Landmark, AR
  • Rockwell, AR
  • Gibson, AR
  • Shannon Hills, AR
  • Bald Knob, AR
  • Alexander, AR
  • England, AR
  • Clinton, AR
  • Salem, AR
  • Mayflower, AR
  • Fairfield Bay, AR
  • Wrightsville, AR
  • Lake Hamilton, AR
  • Judsonia, AR
  • Austin, AR
  • Kensett, AR
  • McAlmont, AR
  • Perryville, AR
  • Kensett, AR
  • Tumbling Shoals, AR
  • Redfield, AR
  • Avilla, AR
  • Wooster, AR
  • Geers Ferry, AR
  • Wooster, AR
  • Plumerville, AR
  • Sweet Home, AR
  • Mountain Pine, AR
  • Oppelo, AR

Telephone Carriers Used In 501 Area Code

501 is a telephone area code covering much of central Arkansas. It is home to a wide variety of local businesses and residents. The area code includes Little Rock and other North Little Rock, Sherwood, Jacksonville, and Russellville. Though it covers a large land area of over 35 counties in western Arkansas, its density means no two-digit exchange is more than 7 or 8 miles from another.

Only 62% of prefixes of area code 501 are used in the Arkansas state. Wireless carrier uses 33%, and landline carriers use 66% of Area code 501. We are going to name two leading carriers:

  1. Landline Carriers
  2. Wireless Carriers

Landline Carriers

The name of landline carriers are:

  • Southwestern Bell with 33% prefixes
  • Windstream with 95 prefix
  • Telcove Investment with 6% prefix
  • Level 3 with 3 percent prefix
  • Centurylink with 4% prefix
  • TW Telecom with 2% prefix of area code 501
  • Windstream Nuvox with 2% prefix only
  • Other landline carriers contain 7% prefixes

Wireless Carriers

The name of wireless carriers are:

Cingular uses 11% prefixes

Verizon Wireless uses 9% prefixes

Teletouch uses a 2% prefix

Cricket Comm uses 2% prefixes of area code 501

Sprint uses a 7% prefix

Level 3 uses a 1% prefix

Other wireless companies use a 1% prefix

Scamming Through 501 Area Code

Scamming Through 501 Area Code

There are chances that people will scam you by calling from the 501 area code. Let’s consider a case where you are surfing on a computer and accidentally clicking on an ad where it says your computer is locked.

You will get a call from area code 501, and they will say that your computer is locked of unusual activity. Never trust this kind of statement. You can close the tab where the message is showing.

Remember that no law enforcement agencies will ask you your bank account number, credit/debit card number, or personal information. If you receive a phone call from an unknown resource, never pick it up.

If you pick up the call, never reveal your details.

How To Block Calls Coming From 501 Area Code?

How can I figure out whether a number is a scam or not? Call your operator. Then ask for the 501 area code back on the phone. So you can tell the operator that you are getting a call from 501 area code, but it’s a local call by checking with them, and they will help you. 

This is a scam also because you are spending money while they make money. So check with your operator first before calling them or calling anyone you don’t know. If the unknown caller is calling you on your mobile phone, there are two ways to block the caller.


If you are using iPhone, do the following steps:

  • Check your recent calls option.
  • Select the unwanted number and tap on the “i” option.
  • Tap “block this caller.”


If you are using an Android smartphone, do the following steps:

  • Check your call history.
  • Tap on the unwanted number.
  • Tap on details and select the “block number’ option.

Is 501 Area Code A Toll-Free Number?

Area code 501 is not a toll-free number. Indeed, some area codes like 800, 877, 855, etc., offer toll-free service but 501 area codes don’t. If you call on any number having area code 501, you will get charged for that call.

Try not to call on numbers having 501 area code because your telecommunication company will charge you on that call.

Conclusion – 501 Area Code

501 area code is an area code used in Arkansas, United States. It was created by AT&T and North American Numbering Plan in 1947. Area code 501 covers the majority of Little Rock city. Area code 501 is not a toll-free number, so if you plan to call on it, don’t do it. Making a call will charge you according to the service provider you are using.

The idea that all calls originating from a local number are scams might not be entirely accurate. Just because it’s local doesn’t mean it’s safe. There are plenty of legitimate businesses which own numbers in area codes, and they have no way of getting out from under these reputations. 

So, if your business is moving or expanding into an area code, make sure you look into whether there is a history of scams for that area code before making any decisions about a new number for your business.
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